[ This event took place on Dec 5 2013 ]

Confirmed speakers:

Andrew Bolster (Farset Labs), Sebastian Heinz (Patchblocks/QUB), Christine James (Blick Studios), Greg Maguire (In Life Size/UU), Paula McFetridge (Kabosh), Oonagh Murphy (Arts Researcher/Manager), Andy McMillan (Good on Paper), Anne McReynolds (The Mac), Ruth Morrow (Tactility Factory/QUB), Niall Rea (TheatrofplucK), Adam Turkington (Culture Night), Adam Wallace (FabLab), Shannon Yee (Writer/Educator). 


'Creative Collaborative Futures: The Year is 2050...' 

'From Ceramics to 3D Printing: Discussing Maker Research Culture in Northern Ireland' 

'Performing Knowledge Exchange' 

'Digital Needs: Identifying Useful Digital Methods and Networks'

'Mapping Northern Ireland's Creative Industries' 

What makes an effective creative industry environment?

What builds the most effective creative industry network in Northern Ireland? The Creative Exchange Northern Ireland (CXNI) is a knowledge exchange project that seek to answer this question from the perspective of the creative people themselves. With dynamic input from sector leaders, CXNI wants to know what the relationship is between people and place? What support has enabled your success? How does knowledge exchange with universities, with research and with other like-minded creative businesses sustain your valuable work as a creative person?

This event will bring together a wide range of creative people from different disciplines to share their experience and to identify trends, challenges and opportunities. Networking solo and micro creative businesses is essential and will be part of the packed agenda for the day. CXNI hopes for fruitful exchange between participants and to facilitate immediate opportunities for collaboration. Further information regarding CXNI project research and support will be announced.




Understanding Northern Ireland's Creative Connections

[ This event took place on Sept 17 2014 ]

9:30-12:30 September 17, 2014
The Belfast Room, Ulster Museum

What are the catalysts for successful creative collaborations in Northern Ireland? How are researchers and practitioners working together to reach beyond disciplinary boundaries? How are these connections being sustained?

CXNI has been working with leading creative practitioners and academics to examine the dynamics of collaboration in the creative sector of Northern Ireland. Areas of research have included collaborative rapid prototyping and open curriculum development.

The 'Collaboration Interchange' event will bring these participants together to share their findings with an international panel of researchers. Join us for this provocative discussion and contribute to the development of improved collaborative practices between academic research communities, artists, and creative businesses in Northern Ireland.

The following projects will be represented at the event:

Maker Day Belfast
#opencurriculum (Chris Murphy and Little Thunder)
Echo Echo and Matt Jennings
Prisons Memory Archive (Maze3)
Family Friendly Galleries (Young At Art, Oonagh Murphy and Caragh O'Donnell)
Open Arts and Juan Manual Loaiza
Sonorities and Emer Grant

The 'Collaboration Interchange' follows CXNI’s successful 'Creative Collaborative Futures' event that took place in December of 2013. CXNI is a creative knowledge exchange project supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). For more information about the project, visit

Event sponsors: University of Ulster, Queen's University Belfast, and the Ulster Museum.